Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A week off

Whats a southern bell to do with a week off?  I still don't know.  Today the plan is to run, workout, shower, and drive home.  I know I'm a really exciting person.  But having a week off helps me put things into perspective.  My word for the next eight weeks is TRANSFORM.

What does transform mean?  To me transform means to become the butterfly.  At the end of every book or every movie the main character becomes a better person.  A better heart, a better body, and a better life.  My life has been kind of boring over the last few months.  It's time to step up my A game.

While watching the royal wedding I thought it was interesting when they talked about how while they were broken up Kate went out, had fun, and glammed up.

SO what does that consist of?  The glamming up part is my focus for the next 8 weeks.  It's a good and place to start.  I have biochem every day so my other focus will be the glam factor.  This will include loosing some of the college weight.  It'll give me something else to focus on when Biochem is taking over my life.

Well I have a long run to get in and a DCC workout to do.  I like all the squates and lunges.  I want to make it home in time to go for a walk with my Mom which will be nice.

SO we will have a little fun.  My goal is to write everyday so you guys can follow me and I can keep track of myself